CoaX Helicopters – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about CoaX

Find out all you need to know about the CoaX Manned and Unmanned Helicopters.

How much does it cost?

Pricing has yet to be determined but CoaX Helicopters is looking at the possibility of selling capability rather than making you buy an entire helicopter system which may be unused in your desired role for long periods. Imagine, just like a hire car you could return the vehicle when you have reached your destination!

When can I get it?

We are well into prototype development and hope by mid 2013 to have a pre production model available for operational and applications testing.

How much can it carry?

It will depend in the application you have in mind and whether it is manned or unmanned. Our plans should see our 20′ / 7m rotor head aircraft lifting around 500kg depending on fuel load. With future development we would hope to see the payload increase to in excess of 1000kg.

How far can it go?

Again, that will depend on your CoaX application. Our design specification for the unmanned aircraft is 4 hours depending on payload. The manned version should achieve at least 2 hours flight.

What sort of power plant does CoaX use?

We expect to provide optional turbine and diesel variants. Customer demand, fuel availability and environmental considerations will all add weight to your final choice.

Can I put an order in now?

We would encourage early applications as we believe there may be extensive wait times once Coax hits the market. For more info follow the link below…
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