David Earle

Executive Officer

Executive Officer at CoaX Helicopters Limited 
Primary Responsibility - Investment Liaison Officer at CoaX Helicopters

Completed Bachelor of Architecture 1981
Qualified & Registered Architect 1983 to present

CEO of own Architectural Company since 1986 to present, specialising in Commercial & Industrial Developments.

Career Highlights

Largest Business Park in Melbourne,
First office to residential conversion in the Melbourne CBD,
Initiated Multi-Level Student Housing in Melbourne CBD
– all using leading edge and ground breaking technology.

Present Business Activities

• Architecture,
• Software Company,
• Private equity investments
• and of course Coax.

Investor Liaison

David has a broad range of business expertise gathered through his client and personal experiences.

He is well conversant with all areas of investment requirements for those interested in the future for Australian aviation.

-Life is a game to be enjoyed, not furious battles to be won
-Knowing and acknowledging that things do happen for a reason
-Realising that any situation always has an upside.

-The technology is intriguing
-Like minded people sharing a vision
-The team building required to develop world class technology
-The opportunity to contribute to world class engineering and invention