CoaX Manned

The CoaX Manned Platform

CoaX Helicopters is developing a suite of manned helicopters. Planned models include an Experimental recreational helicopter, and Agricultural variant designed specifically for Cattle Mustering and Spraying operations.
These helicopters will come as single seat and eventually two seat models. The end user will be able to determine the canopy or cockpit configurations.

A number of different power plants will be available.

RotorTech 2016

CoaX Helicopters will be presenting at RotorTech 2016

Hear progress updates from Richard Woodward and Peter Batten. Everything Coaxial - describing our Manned Experimental Class helicopter through to our large RPAS Unmanned Drone

Light and Small Helicopter Competitors

CoaX will have unique advantages in the light and small helicopter market. No Tail Rotor, optional Kerosene and Gas Turbine power plants But what is CoaX competing against?

Here is a list of some of the small, light and ultralight helicopter competitor aircraft.

The Commercial Use of Ultralight Helicopters

This item contains interesting foresight into the future use of ultralight helicopters. Go to, the Helicopter History Site to see the original article.