Disaster Support

Disaster Support - Help is on the way!

CoaX helicopters have a multitude of uses.
A CoaX drone could be employed for Disaster Support.



Cyclone, flood, earthquake, wild fire, nuclear accident, tsunami, any disaster you can imagine could be supported by a CoaX Drone. Able to operate 24/7, this unmanned system can be put to work when the greatest needs arise. As a communications platform to rapidly replace damaged cell towers; as a surveillance search and rescue platform that could use infra red and visual cameras to search for survivors; to deploy life rafts or other survival equipment; any conceivable disaster could have aid provided by a CoaX Unmanned System. A CoaX RPAS could be stationed in threat areas ready to go into action at a moments notice. Local residents could be trained to operate the drone aircraft reducing the reliance on manned helicopter assistance and considerably reducing response time.

Typical battery powered RPAS or UAV rotorcraft cannot fly for long enough or carry enough payload to meet this need.