Drone Agriculture

Drone Agriculture - Work all day, work all night!

CoaX helicopters have a multitude of uses.

A CoaX drone could be employed for Agriculture - Bio Security, Fertilizing, Seed Sowing, Agricultural Drone


Biosecurity, seed spreading, fertilizing, noxious weed management, feral animal and pest management are possible agricultural uses for our medium lift unmanned helicopter. Carrying 200 – 250 kg of payload and possibly more a CoaX RPAS can meet the needs of many farmers.

Able to operate 24/7, this unmanned system can be put to work when it is the best time for the task. Perhaps that might be spraying for locusts in the middle of the night or mixing the air at low altitudes to prevent damage to grape and citrus crops during frost. Regardless of the task, the programmable accuracy of an unmanned system will mean that there will be no fatalities resulting from cockpit error. A helicopter pilot flying into a fence, a tree or the ground will more often than not prove to be a catastrophic outcome!

CoaX’ long flight times will offer significantly increased big data gathering. You could build large area libraries for your crop and use that data to help determine the effectivity of your agricultural methods. You could perhaps carry a multi-spectral imagery device and a spray system at the same time. Using the right database to immediately detect problems on any particular plant, you could then spray only those plants in need, saving countless dollars lost when spaying an entire plantation.

Typical battery powered RPAS or UAV rotorcraft cannot fly for long enough or carry enough payload to meet this need.