Emergency Support

Emergency Support - Eyes and Ears in an Emergency!

A CoaX drone could be employed for Fire and Emergency Support.
Communication Relay, 3G/Next G 4G/LTE Airborne Cell Tower, ADS-B Tracking, IR Visual Multi-Spectral Imagery, Unmanned Aircraft

CoaX helicopters have a multitude of uses.

In this role our CoaX RPAS could be used as a Communication Relay platform. Using 3G/Next G 4G/LTE bands the drone would essentially be an airborne Cell Tower. Rapid deployment could offer communication where nothing else is available.

As a Fire support aircraft it may be possible to track fire services personnel on the ground via a simple mobile phone app passing their GPS location. ADS-B Tracking might aid coordinating the vast array of aircraft tasked to fight a raging bush or forest fire.

But it doesn’t only add value during the fire threat season. IR, Visual and Multi-Spectral Imagery techniques could all be used to help predict the driest and most vulnerable areas.

Our CoaX Unmanned Aircraft could also be used to drop incendiary devices to help with back burning operations at night when it is too dangerous for manned operations.

The extended flight time offered by CoaX Helicopters might make this drone indispensable!

Typical battery powered RPAS or UAV rotorcraft cannot fly for long enough to meet this need.