Coastal Safety

Shark Spotting Drone

Shark Spotting
Illegal Fishing
Foreign vessels in distress

Eyes Out


CoaX helicopters have a multitude of uses.

A CoaX drone could be employed for shark spotting  to warn beach goers of a pending shark attack.

Swimmer and surfer protection. Shark attack notification with a drone. On-board warning could immediately alert swimmers.

Illegal fishing vessels could be detected by a CoaX Coastal Safety helicopter

Protect our Northern Borders, gas and oil platforms, sea life and other Bio-Security missions with a CoaX RPAS.

Local Coast Watch. Surf Lifesaving clubs or local councils could manage a CoaX drone. Swimmers in distress, rips, sharks, all manner of unexpected circumstances could be assisted by a CoaX helicopter.

Only a CoaX Unmanned Drone will be able to hover over the predator alerting ocean goers to its location for hours at a time.

Typical battery powered RPAS or UAV rotorcraft cannot fly for long enough to meet this need.