Coaxial Rotor System

Coax helicopters utilise coaxial rotor systems. This design is recognised as being more stable, more robust, safer, faster and quieter than traditional helicopters.

It has a smaller footprint and better manoeuvrability than existing alternative designs. It has superior power to payload ratios. Work carried out for the US (and German) Navy Air Arm has refined this design while other manufacturers have taken the less complex single or tandem rotor design path. The benefits of the technology come at a cost of mechanical complexity. However, the advances in material science and electronic systems now simplify that complexity. WHT has made significant design improvements. The aircraft will have an in-air time of at least 4 hours and a maximum speed exceeding 200 km/h. It is expected that eventually these aircraft will have a maximum speed of 250km/h. The set up and development program is modest for WHT to complete design, test and start manufacturing and sales.