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A Coaxial Diesel Engine, a perfect match for a Coaxial Helicopter
Darren Powell makes good progress with his Coaxial Diesel Engine design
Darren Powell is moving steadily forward with his development of a coaxial drive diesel engine. There are many advantages using the design concept Darren has envisaged. These include :-

Perfect balance by design (including drive torque moments)
Up to 16% increase in propulsive efficiency (contra-rotating props)
Multiple fuels including Jet A (leaded AVGAS being phased out)
Ultra low vibration (all opposing forces equal and opposite)
Reduced weight, increased payload (no transmission for coaxial drive necessary)
Competitive pricing (reduced moving parts, cost-effective manufacture)
Improved fuel economy (opposed piston Diesels historically highly efficient)
Greatly reduced fire hazard (exhaust manifold 350 degrees C cooler)
No electromagnetic interference (single throttle Diesel operation)
Low noise level (a result of opposed piston porting)
The Relationship
Darren Powell has requested CoaX Helicopters embark on a mutually supportive opportunity. In response to his request, CoaX Helicopters has agreed to loan one of our helicopters to Coaxial Engine Innovations. Our 17' helicopter, now on display in Darren's workshop, will show one potential application of his coaxial engine design.

Both companies would like to see a diesel engine such as Darren's powering our helicopter and his design is ideally suited to the task.

Images of our transport logistics are shown below :-
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