Porsche 356 Factory Aircraft Engine – For Sale

This is an original Porsche Aircraft engine made for the US Navy as the O-95 series. They were used on Gyrodyne YRON Coaxial Helicopters DSN-1/QH-50A and DSN-2/QH50B DASH (Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter).

It is based on a Porsche 356 built in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Manufactured by Porsche – Stuttgart – West Germany.

This is not a replica. It is an original.

Engine NO: 702-3-07. Manufactured in 1961.

This engine is a YO-95-6 72HP Type 678/4.

It was removed from its YRON aircraft in 2017.

The engine has been carefully stored and warehoused and is now being sold to vacate the space.

It is a complete motor and could be used in a Porsche 356 restoration.

Note: Shipping can be organised for National and International Delivery (Additional Shipping Costs will Apply)

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