The Race to AHIA

CoaX Helicopters was invited to display and present at RotorTech 2016 courtesy of the Australian Helicopter Industry Association , AHIA.

We had allow a month to manufacture the H37 engine mounts, configure and fit the MoTec and G3X displays, build a new console and prepare the 20′ helicopter for departure.

But not everything goes according to plan! A number of hurdles were thrown out to challenge us and it wasn’t until 6 days before we were due to leave did we receive the engine mounts. Without those we would have to cancel.

On Sunday and Monday we fitted the engine mounts and engine


On Tuesday we collected the MoTec C187. Fortunately the engineers at MoTec had gone above and beyond to load the display data and configure the electrical system to power the display.

On Wednesday all players gathered to pull it all together. Jim Azar worked all day mounting and wiring the Glass displays and finally we had power on the machine


The console to hold all of the components together arrived at 5 pm Wednesday. The panels we still in pieces and had to be fitted.

20160525_192556 20160525_192605 20160525_192616

By 9 pm that night we finally had a finally had the helicopter on the trailer ready to go.

20160525_201433 20160527_080337

We departed at 8 am Thursday morning, phew!