The Story So Far

1955 – A Big Secret

Originally developed in 1955, this amazing technology has been kept under wraps, until its release and subsequent purchase by Wieland Helicopter Technologies and subsequently by CoaX Helicopters in years from 2003 onward.


2003 – 2007 Testing and Rebirth

Once we had this incredible helicopter in flight, we new this was ground breaking technology. With so much control, power and capability, the excitement this helicopter generated spread rapidly throughout the helicopter industry.

2008 – Taking Shape

In 2008 we created the first body for the single seat prototype, and took the aircraft to flight which was a major milestone. The interest in the new design was overwhelming, as now investors and pilots alike could see the real potential for this amazing new aircraft.


2015+ The Ultimate Helicopter

This exciting advance in helicopter technology is well on its way to becoming a reality, and will soon be flying all over the world.
Powered by a powerful turbine engine or twin diesel, the Coax 415 (5 seat) will be state of the art, revolutionising the helicopter industry by providing safer, more economical and more powerful machines, capable of lifting heavier loads than conventional aircraft in their class.