Twin Rotor Technology

Quieter – Easier to fly – Less fuel – Costs less to run – More Stable – More control – Safer – More Speed

33% more stable
The stability and control of the aircraft allows the pilot to fly with ease. One of the more difficult controls has been all but eliminated – Tail rotor.

Training times are shorter and safer
The training pilot can spend more time learning to fly and less time fighting the rotational pull of a single rotor.
Also the dangerous early stages of training (solo flying) now has one less risk (no tail rotor issues).

Safer – No tail rotor
Tail rotors are known to be dangerous when spinning on the ground and add around 30-40% of the noise a helicopter makes due to the main rotor wash impacting the tail rotor wash.

Coaxial rotors give more thrust
Using 4 blades instead of 2 allows for greater payloads, faster response and more control for the same engine capacity as comparative sized machines. All the engine’s power is delivered to the main rotors.

Greater fuel economy
With the future introduction of piston, turbine, diesel and electric power plants the efficiency and economic choice is yours.

Flying for pleasure
Nothing is more exciting than being in total control of your Coax Helicopter.
Less to do means more focus when only flying on occasional flights.