CoaX Helicopters Limited was formed to commercialise coaxial rotor system technology into both manned helicopters and also unmanned Helicopters or RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) / UAS / UAV drone.

At Coax Helicopters we are currently harnessing this technology to design, develop, manufacture, market and distribute a revolutionary range of new Coaxial Rotor Systems into small format, easy-to-fly, helicopters for Australian and overseas markets.

CoaX Helicopters has complete, working prototypes on which further development will be based for UAS and pilot operated helicopters.

The Company plans to develop one, two and four seat models using internal combustion and gas turbine engines.

The technology contained in these new models is very exciting and sets these helicopters apart from traditional helicopters.

Not only are the CoaX Helicopters models physically different, they also offer considerable advantages over traditional models. The absence of a tail rotor with the inclusion of a coaxial main rotor makes these craft more stable, more maneuverable, quieter, safer and provides a better power to weight ratio.

Coaxial rotor systems have greater lift and are much more efficient than traditional helicopters.

Running costs of CoaX Helicopters (particularly with the two stroke motor fuel engine versions) will be significantly lower. An important by-product of this technology is that pilot training is much simpler and therefore takes a lot less time and money to complete.

A one-seat version in both engine configurations means that one person will be able to cover significant distances, quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the actual manufacture, marketing and distribution of this new breed of small format helicopter, CoaX Helicopters plans to provide after-sales service, manage the pre-used helicopter market and organise financing and leasing arrangements for the market.

CoaX Helicopters Limited will make a significant impact on the existing helicopter market but importantly we will also add new demand for the capabilities that this new helicopter format can provide.

The Team at CoaX Helicopters