Avalon airshow

CoaX Helicopters will be attending the Avalon Airshow in 2015!

CoaX Helicopters will be attending the Avalon Airshow in 2015!
The Avalon Heli-Park will be Rotor Central for everything helicopter.

CoaX Helicopters has been given a prime position in the Heli-Park. Come and be amazed at what CoaX is developing. Imagine yourself in one of our open cockpit, single person Recreational helicopters, what a hoot!

Have a chat about our larger machines. Cattle mustering will be a new game with our robust no tail rotor helicopter, perhaps the safest tight manoeuvring helicopter around.

Show your support by coming to visit us in the Heli-Park.

The Greatest Airshow in the Southern Hemisphere
Traditionally the number of specators at the Avalon Airshow exceeds 200,000 guests.

Although we won’t be flying, CoaX Helicopters will be displaying our prototype 17′ Coaxial Helicopter at the show.

Come and look at our system at close quarters, ask questions and get involved.
Avalon Public Invitation

Coax at Avalon

AHIA Heli-Park
Aerospace Australia Limited and the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) have been provided with space to promote our industry at Avalon in the AHIA Heli-Park static display area.

Avalon organisers want to provide a strong visual feature by establishing a large number of closely parked machines in a very prominent and central point in the outdoor static display areas adjacent to the pavilions. This will enable the rotor wing industry to promote itself to the Australian general public and potential overseas clients.

The AHIA and CoaX Helicopters will be involved with three promotional activities:

• The AHIA booth in a pavilion, where helicopter enthusiasts can have a chat with AHIA people and learn more about our versatile industry and membership benefits.

• An AHIA Technical Conference in the Conference Hall on Thursday 26 February 2015. Five sessions have been booked by key players in our industry, including ASA and CASA. Peter Batten will be speaking about developments in the Coaxial program.

• The AHIA ‘Heli-Park’ where helicopter owners including CoaX, can place their machines on static display.

Sophisticated Investors Invited
We are looking for investment into our company to further our development.

We will have an information pack available at a cost (TBA) for those looking to become financially involved with the company.

Included in the information pack will be a chance to win a pair of hand painted Converse Chuck Taylors featuring our CoaX Helicopters Logo in your own size valued at $250.

A Polo shirt, a drink bottle, a stubby cooler, a hat and other contents will be in the bag.

Remember though that these will only be sold to Sophisticated Investors.
There will be a limited number of investor packs so if you would like to reserve your bag please drop us a line at info@coaxhelicopters.com
Sophisticated Investor Details

Pre-Production Orders
Come and talk to us about getting ahead of the crowd. Place your deposit now to be first in the queue for our recreational 17′ helicopter!
Order your Recreational Helicopter here

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