Franco Fornasari is in charge of the SolidWorks Creation Project. His work is of an exceptionally high quality and will greatly enhance our capability to integrate with our autopilot provider, perform engineering test in a virtual environment, look at alternate designs for CoaX and continue with our R & D projects.


As discussed in the previous AGM, it was vital for us to reconcile all of the CoaX technical drawings with those parts that were actually incorporated on the most recent example of the 20’ helicopter. To do this effectively it was necessary to completely disassemble one 20’ helicopter down to the last nut and bolt. This task was also critical to allow us to proceed with our R & D into the gearing systems of the CoaX mast and transmission.

As it turned out there were significant differences. Franco has meticulously checked almost every component of the 20’ system and created from scratch those drawings which were different to the paper drawings. Once the drawings are complete we will need to make some engineering adjustments to ensure the helicopters are suitable to take to market. This will include raising the skids to prevent accidental injury from rotating blades.

Fortunately SolidWorks will enable us to look at the changes and determine if they are appropriate from an aerodynamic and engineering perspective.