Garmin G3X flies with CoaX.

garmin g3X

CoaX embarks on High Tech Program

Although our naked Recreational 17′ helicopter looks almost skeletal on first view, we are packing it full of High Tech equipment.

The Garmin G3X takes pride of place as our primary instrumentation package. The detailed digital display flight instrumentation integrates a large suite of data managing navigation, performance and other optional functions, our 17′ helicopter can get you to where you want to go very easily.

Coupled with the on board Garmin GTR-200 VHF radio you can communicate whenever you wish.

You can also add in an optional Auto Pilot, ADS-B and other avionics.



Heath and Usage Monitoring is hiding under the bonnet. CoaX intends tracking as many parameters as is conceivably possible in such a light weight helicopter. By collecting data such as flight time, air speed, acceleration we have the basic information to build a comprehensive database. Coupling that with parameters like engine and rotor RPM, chip sensing, environmental parameters, flight control movement etc we plan to move rapidly from period based to on demand maintenance.

CoaX plans to capture these parameters fleet wide to enable owners to compare usage rates and pilot performance and generate predictive maintenance schedules.


Weight and Balance

As with any helicopter weight and balance is always the predicament facing any helicopter engineer.

After fitting the G3X, a complete rebalanced of our 17′ helicopter was required. This mean moving the oil tank to a position further aft and also adding an additional fuel tank.

This new configuration will however enable CoaX to be more productive during our continuing Test Flight program and ultimately give the pilot a highly comprehensive method to capture data.

Coax piloted