At least 5000 people are maimed or killed annually by land mines left behind after armed conflict. Estimates indicate in excess of 500 years would be needed to clear all of the affected areas using existing technologies.


There are at least 2 types of electronic or electro-optical mine detection systems that could be deployed with CoaX.

The first is a topographical image overlay system which compares images over time to determine if the surface has been disturbed which may be the result of a land mine placement.

The second uses ultra-wide band synthetic aperture ground penetrating radar. This system can detect mines which may have been placed years before.

These types of detection capabilities can significantly increase the safety of mine detection, increase the speed of location and reduce the manpower cost in securing areas with known land mines.

Coax could be equipped with one of these detection systems and in conjunction with CyberTech optical detection could provide both location and warning to nearby, otherwise unaware people.

Fitting Coax with armament may even provide the capability to neutralize the land mine.