New Zealand is a major producer and exporter of grape vine products. Weather conditions in winter can sometimes cause devastating crop loss due to frost.coax-grapes

To mitigate the effect of the low altitude inversion layers trapping cold air which then settles onto the vines, helicopters are used to mix the air and reduce the chance of the freezing.

CoaX UAV helicopters would be ideally suited to this role. It would be possible to pre program the area to be flown, the altitude to operate at and even the temperature and moisture conditions at which the vines would be vulnerable.

The CoaX UAS could launch completely autonomously and complete the task. As CoaX UAS would know the terrain and local obstacles, the likely hood of accidents would be significantly reduced.

The cost of a CoaX UAS unmanned helicopter system over time would be far less than that of a traditional manned helicopter, with the added advantage of increased operator safety.